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We are a family dentist in every sense of the word – perfect for the entire family!

Family Dentist in Cary, North Carolina

Here at Goodall Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves in our comfort seeing patients of all ages. From newborns to seniors, we are thrilled to take care of your family as though they are a part of our own. We have the special talent it takes to be the gentle and caring dentist who earns the trust of a child!

Dr. Tina Goodall and her entire team love working with children, and that includes helping locally sponsored orphans from around the world. Our friendly smiles and the happy, upbeat atmosphere of the office put patients of all ages at ease, which we believe is imperative as a family dentist. We also understand the challenge of scheduling parents and multiple children, so we offer the ability for both to be seen simultaneously. If we have families who wish to not separate parent and child, we are even able to do both exams in the same kid-friendly treatment room. This room, which we affectionately call Jojo’s Jungle Room, is a fun corner room with an I Spy game on the walls, 4 TVs, Netflix, comfy blankets, prizes, and many of the kids’ favorite movies. Our goal is to treat children so well that they love coming to the dentist and will continue a healthy dental relationship into adulthood.

We also do not exclude family members who have a difficult time relaxing for dental care. With our gentle dentistry and VIP amenities, including soothing music, warm blankets, needle-free numbing, warm cotton facial wipes, nitrous oxide, and more, we promise to put even the most anxious patient at ease.

If you are looking for a family dentist your entire family will love to come to, give us a call to schedule your initial appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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