Lactation Specialist, Cary, NC

Our lactation specialist can assist you if you are having difficulties nursing your newborn.

As a dentist and mother who nursed three infants herself, Dr. Tina Goodall understands the challenges that a new breastfeeding mothers can experience. Roughly 2% of newborns have a condition called ankyloglossia (often referred to as being tongue-tied), which makes breastfeeding difficult and can affect the overall health of the child and prove stressful for the mother.

Lactation Specialist in Cary, North Carolina

If your baby commonly falls asleep during breastfeeding, isn’t gaining weight at a healthy rate, experiences reflux, is consistently fussy, or you are experiencing exceptionally tender nipples or plugged ducts, it is important to call us to schedule an appointment with our lactation specialist. We can easily diagnose a tight frenulum and perform the procedure to correct the problem.

We utilize a CO2 laser to perform frenectomies on tongue-tied infants because sutures would not be advised on such delicate tissue. In addition, this dental laser doesn’t require anesthesia. We able to cut and coagulate at the same time so there is little to no bleeding. This allows you and your baby to go back to breastfeeding immediately.

Our lactation specialist can also help you if your baby has a bit of trouble learning how to nurse with their newly improved tongue. It generally only takes a bit of practice to get you and your baby to bond and get back to the task at hand.

If your baby has this condition, it is very tiring for them to nurse and can result in long-term health issues that are best avoided. Since the solution is such a noninvasive procedure, it makes sense to get it corrected rather than wait any longer. If you have a baby who is having difficulty with nursing and would like to meet with our lactation specialist to see if ankyloglossia is the problem, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.