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Oral cancer is not just a smoker’s disease! Let us put your mind at ease with an oral cancer screening today.

Did you know that regular checkups with your dentist are necessary to check for more than just cavities and flossing regularity? Oral cancer is something that affects many different people– even those who don’t have common risk factors like tobacco chewing or smoking. Here at Goodall Family Dentistry, we want to put your mind at ease during your next checkup and make sure we are looking at your overall oral health– not just for signs of cavities!

The next time you come into Goodall Family Dentistry, you can experience all the regular dental checkups as well as have an oral cancer screening done. Oral cancer can be largely treatable and curable when caught early, so we ask our patients to look out for certain warning signs such as sores that bleed or won’t heal, numbness or pain when biting, red or white patches or spots, lumps, or anything that feels abnormal in your mouth. You know your own mouth, so please don’t hesitate to tell us if something doesn’t feel right or has changed.

Oral Cancer Screening in Cary, North Carolina

In addition to our patient-reported signs, we also perform oral cancer screenings during checkups with the help of a specialized oral cancer screening tool called OralID®. This specialized light uses fluorescent technology and allows our dentist and clinicians to detect abnormalities by making the potentially cancerous areas “glow” under the OralID® light. When an area is made visible with OralID® that might have been missed otherwise, we are able to provide safe, effective, non-invasive care to our Cary, North Carolina patients.

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To learn more about oral cancer screenings or to make an appointment with us, please contact us at Goodall Family Dentistry today.