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Using cutting edge technology, our laser dentistry options give you the best outcomes for many situations.

When you go to the dentist, there are likely many tools that you will know and recognize. Most of us have had experience or are familiar with the x-ray process, the different dental tools used in cleanings, and even the dental drill that is used during a cavity filling procedure! However, there are some tools in the dentistry trade that are not so well-known, including lasers. Here at Goodall Family Dentistry, we are able to practice laser dentistry, which offers quality results and wonderful outcomes for our patients in the Apex, North Carolina area.

Laser Dentistry in Apex, North Carolina

One of the lasers that we use in laser dentistry is the CO2 laser. This laser is used primarily to treat issues dealing with the soft tissue of the mouth rather than the teeth or underlying bones. The CO2 laser is ideal for working with a variety of different tissue problems that would be very difficult to perform with another object, such as a scalpel. These procedures might include biopsies, removal of soft tissue growths, etc. Because this style of laser dentistry is able to be completed quickly, patients experience better recovery and much less discomfort.

Another laser that we utilize in laser dentistry is the diagnodent laser cavity detection. Operating at a specific wavelength, this type of laser causes dental cavities to become fluorescent, making areas of dental cavities or even areas that are weakened from decay easier to spot and treat.

With the use of laser dentistry, we are able to provide better outcomes for our patients while lessening pain and discomfort. If you have questions about our laser dentistry or would like to make an appointment, please contact us today.

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