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Let us help when you need us with emergency dental services.

Taking care of our teeth includes daily habits that keep teeth clean and free of plaque. However, no matter how well you take care of your teeth, there are times that you might need help with an emergency. Our emergency dental services at Goodall Family Dentistry are here to assist you in times like these. If you are looking for help in a time of a dental emergency in the Apex, North Carolina area, our team of dental professionals is here to assist you!

Emergency Dental Services in Apex, North Carolina

Even those who are particular about their dental hygiene can find themselves in need of emergency dental services. A dental emergency can occur if you fall and knock out a tooth or have it loosened. Other instances are considered dental emergencies as well, including a severe toothache, swollen jaw, gums that are bleeding profusely, an abscess, a sore that won’t go away, or a tooth that has gone completely numb. We want to treat issues like these quickly so that we can save the tooth whenever possible and help to alleviate any pain.

We work to fix emergency dental problems whenever we can with our emergency dental services. Our wonderful team will assist patients whenever we possibly can to help with a dental emergency. We utilize gentle dental techniques to help alleviate the pain and calm the patient, child or adult. If you have recently discovered that there is an issue causing you extreme concern, pain or know that it needs immediate attention, give us a call for emergency dental services. Contact us today with questions.

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